Gaffer on setOn site 482 Day2James Rudd -(right) adjusting a Dedolight Felloni on a complete C stand, that is also holding a Kinoflo Diva 31 RGBW LED, with grid, Dedolight DLED4 Bi colour can also be seen. on set. Photo courtesy Neil Sharma.

James Rudd - Gaffer - (right) adjusting a Dedolight Felloni  (1x1 bi colour) on a complete C stand, that is also holding a Kinoflo Diva 31 RGBW LED, with grid, Dedolight DLED4 Bi colour can also be seen on set. Photo courtesy Neil Sharma. January 2020.

I work as a Gaffer on video, stills and live streaming, experienced on location and in studio, mostly on commercial work but above on a short film.

I regularly work on dramas, short films, commercials, promos and have features in the future.

Based in South Northamptonshire near Milton Keynes and Northampton, I am happy to travel, full driving licence, regularly work in London.

I have experience on location shooting commercials, interviews, talking heads, short films, cars on location or in studio and live events.

I have lit many cars inside and out!

I am a specialist with CRLS/Dedolight Lightstream reflective lighting system, that provides for an uncluttered set and controllable natural looking lighting.

James Rudd - 07909 990849

Examples of recent work: 

Automotive: McLaren Artura launch - gaffer

Detail with Daniel Ricciardo

Deconovo -

One4All Cards - - there was no TV or fire - all created with Kinos oh and there was no sun either!

Bernard Matthews

Jabra - I lit the internal plane shots - Jabra and here

Films and Drama Silvertown Monologues

Nemesis Feature film trailer -



Commercial - I lit the internal plane shots - Jabra and here

Short film

Feature promo: 

Kit that can be hired with me:



KinoFlo Diva 21 Lite with grid - Bi Colour - full RGBW 2x1 (Mains or battery) soft light, 60 and 90 degree grids
KinoFlo Diva 31 Lite with grid - Bi Colour - full RGBW 3x1 (Mains or battery) soft light, 60 and 90 degree grids

KinoFlo Freestyle T21 with grid, Bi Colour - full RGBW 4 tubes, with 90 degree grid, flozier also DOP Choice SnapGrid, tubes can be sued outside the fixture too - 4 x 24 inch tubes with grip to attach to a variety of surfaces

All have special effects, gels etc.


2 Dedolight 1x1 LED Felloni Bi-Colour panel lights (mains or battery) with diffusion

3 Dedolight DLED4 Bi Colour spot and flood lights (Mains or battery)

1 Dedolight DLED 7 Turbo Bi Colour spot and flood (Mains or battery)

1 Dedolight DLH400 D/T - 575w HMI light - with Parallel beam adapter 5x power (Mains only)

1 Dedolight DLH200 D/T 200w HMI light - with Parallel beam adapter 3x power (Mains only)

Dedolight Imager DP1.1 - 85mm lens and 60 mm lens 

Dedolight Imager DP2.1 framing Shutters 85mm and 60mm lens

Dedolight Gobos - various 

Dedolight DPEYE filter kit - ideal for eye sockets, labels, fine art, logos etc

Dedolight clamp 

Dedolight - bookcase clamp

Dedolight softbox DLED4 with grid 

Dedolight Felloni softbox with grid 

Dedolight Iris - provides spot light effect

Dedolight Framing Shutters - precise light shaping

Dedolight 8 leaf Barn Doors - x6

Dedolight - hand held arm

Dedolight wide beam adapter with barn doors

Dedolight - Gel mounts

Dedolight Circular Polarisers x2 - removes unwanted reflections

Dedolight - scrim kit for both sizes of light

Batteries 6x V Mount 4x Canon Video batteries 5x Canon DSLR batteries 4x Atomos batteries 2x Kinoflo batteries


Dedolight Lightstream and Lightbridge CRLS reflector system

7x10 reflectors 1-4

15x15 reflectors 1-4

25x25 reflectors 1x2, 2, 3 and 4, plus specialist No 5 - slash and No 0 Mirror

50x50 reflectors 1-4

20x20 Eflect Kit - Silver, Gold and Blue

45x45 Eflect kit, silver, gold both versions

3 Parallel Beam Adaptors 230% increase and 300% increase in light for DLH400 - 500% increase in power

3 Honeycomb grids

Mounts and adaptors

Two motorised mounts to control reflectors from 30 feet away - ideal when going through first floor windows



1 LitePanels Lykos Bi Colour (Mains or battery) can be remotely controlled 1x6 inches with diffusion


Small RGBW Fixtures

3x Aputure MC - 9x6cm - magnetic
2x Nanlite Pavotube 6C 25x4cm - magnetic tubes with grids
2x Aputure 7cB - RGBW bulbs, screw fit or bayonet, mains or battery - practical replacement


Exalux Control One CRMX wireless control for Lumen Radio and DMX



6x6 Ultrabounce
6x6 Net 1 stop
6x6 Black
6x6 Magic cloth
6x6 Diffusion
6x6 Frame

40x40inch Floppy Cutter

2ft by 3ft floppy cutter

2ft by 3ft floppy ultra bounce

8x12 black solid

Road Rag kit with Black solid, 2 nets, diffusion and bounce, plus two lollipops and two dots both solid and net

Lastolite Skylite rapid panel 1.1mx1.1m .25 diffusion, .75 diffusion, plus sunbounce 


4 Motorola walkie talkies 

4 Eartech duplex headsets and microphones

Grip and support 

Arri C stands x2 with arms 40 inch
Matthews 40inch C stand with arm
Matthews 20inch C stands with arms x3
3 Assorted C stands with arms, two in black for flags
Kupo triple riser wind up stand
Kupo junior stand with integrated bom

Manfrotto magic arm x2 
Manfrotto feet for magic arm 
Superclamps, Mafer clamps, with hooks and extenders
Cardellinis x6
Kupo Visers x4
Kupo baby boom
Arri menace arm, baby boom
Autopole x2
4 Manfrotto 1004 BAC stands 
3 Dedolight mini stands 
3 Bowens light stands 
1 adjustable background cross bar 
2 wheeled heavy duty floor stands - for lights or slider 
Car Mounts x2 80kg loading 
Manfrotto suction cup 
Scissor clips for suspended ceilings
Adjustable arm for goalposts
Big Ben
Specialist grip

Lastolite Panoramic Background, black or chroma green 4mx2.3m 
Lastolite Highlight 8x7ft 
Lastolite Hightlight 5x7ft 
Lastolite pop up 1.8x2.15m black or white 
Lastolite pop up 6x7ft grey and white 
Chromakey dropdown 3mx7m
Magnetic support for pop up backgrounds 

Profoto reflector black and white
Applebox set Full, half, quarter, eighth and pancake x2
Footsteps x10
Tripod dolly 
Posing stools 
Autocue - runs off iPad - follows speed of voice 
Clapper board 
Assorted clamps, tape, safety wires 
Tether tools Aero table for laptop on stand
Think Tank Sunscreen laptop shade 
Walkstool 15in stool 
24 inch turntable mains power takes 125kg 
3x Matthews sound blankets 
Table top Mic stand 
3m and 5m XLR cable


Manfrotto video monopod 
Heavy duty Manfrotto Video Tripod 
Gitzo tripod (the very tall one) 
Gitzo 75mm ball receiver levelling system
Manfrotto repro arm 
Manfrotto tripod with panhandle, centre support
Rhino Slider 24 inch and 42 inch rails with motor and arc 
Ronin S gimbal 


Pocket Wizard radio triggers - 2x X, 2x 3, 1x 4 and Multimax II including foot pedal and detonator style activators 

Black wrap

ND for windows

Rock and Roller Cart with shelf - R12 Stealth

Live Streaming
Black Magic Atem Mini Pro

Delgato 4k


Director's monitor
24 inch LG mains power screen

Hollyland 400s, HDMI or SDI wireless system, so I can see what the camera sees

Flash/Lighting for stills
Profoto B1 x3
Profoto B2 x2
Profoto A1
3ft Octa
2ft Octa with grid
Beauty Dish
2 3x1 Strip boxes with grid
Magnum, OCF Magnum and OCF Reflectors
Barn doors
Grids 10, 20 and 30 degree
Brollies, shoot through and reflective
Full OCF kit for A1

Canon OCF trigger
Profoto Trigger

Canon Ex 600 Speedlites x3

Rode NTG2 shot gun microphone 
Rode wired Lavalier 
Sennheiser AVX Wireless Lavalier ME2 and MKE2 
Rode VideoMic Plus II 
Rode Blimp and Boom arm 
Tascam D70 field recorder mains, or battery
Assorted Rycote stickies 
C stand boom mount

Acoustic Blankets - Matthews x3

Vehicle: Land Rover 110 Station Wagon