Gaffer on setOn site 482 Day2James Rudd -(right) adjusting a Dedolight Felloni on a complete C stand, that is also holding a Kinoflo Diva 31 RGBW LED, with grid, Dedolight DLED4 Bi colour can also be seen. on set. Photo courtesy Neil Sharma.

James Rudd - Gaffer - (right) adjusting a Dedolight Felloni  (1x1 bi colour) on a complete C stand, that is also holding a Kinoflo Diva 31 RGBW LED, with grid, Dedolight DLED4 Bi colour can also be seen on set. Photo courtesy Neil Sharma. January 2020.

I work as a Gaffer on video, stills and live streaming, experienced on location and in studio, mostly on commercial work but above on a short film.

I regularly work on dramas, short films, commercials, promos, TV commercials, features and car shoots

Based in South Northamptonshire near Milton Keynes and Northampton, I am happy to travel, full driving licence, regularly work in London.

I have experience on location shooting commercials, interviews, talking heads, short films, cars on location or in studio and live events.

I have lit many cars inside and out!

I am a specialist with CRLS/Dedolight Lightstream reflective lighting system, that provides for an uncluttered set and controllable natural looking lighting.

James Rudd - 07909 990849

Examples of recent work: 

Automotive: McLaren Artura launch - gaffer

Detail with Daniel Ricciardo

Deconovo -

One4All Cards - - there was no TV or fire - all created with Kinos oh and there was no sun either!

Bernard Matthews

Jabra - I lit the internal plane shots - Jabra and here

Films and Drama Silvertown Monologues

Nemesis Feature film trailer -



Commercial - I lit the internal plane shots - Jabra and here

Short film

Feature promo: 


Kit that can be hired with me:

Bright Daylight fixture
2x Nanlux Evoke 1200 - equivalent to HMI 1.8 Par or 2.5kw Fresnel - daylight only, weatherproof
2x Fresnel adapter for Evoke 1200 - 11 degree to 45 degree beam with barn doors
26 degree reflector
60 degree reflector
150cm Parabolic Softbox with grid
120cm Lantern
10m head lead
15m head lead
RGB Bright panel
Nanlux Dyno 650C RGW Panel with barn doors, (Essentially a Skypanel with 1.8x output)
4ft Octa with grid
Intensifier 20% more output
Honeycrates  50 degree grid
Space Light softbox
Rain cover for head
Bi Colour 
Nanlite Forza 720 B - Bi Colour 800 watt high power LED COB
Parabolic Softbox 120cm with grid
Fresnel lens - 45 degree to 10 degree spot, with barn doors for cuts
Lantern Sofbox/Gem Ball
Full Colour Cobs RGBACL
2x Prolycht Orion 675 FS - RGBACL - full colour spectrum 675w weather sealed 
35 inch Spherical Lantern (Gem ball)
Parabolic Softbox 120cm with grid
Fresnel lens for 675 FS
Kinoflo RGBW LED
Kino Flo Diva 21 Lite with grid - Bi Colour - full RGB 2x1 (Mains or battery) soft light 60 degree and 90 degree louvre - 2x1 panel with Snapbag with 2x diffusion and 40 degree snap grid.
Kino Flo Diva 31 Lite with grid - Bi Colour - full RGB 3x1 (Mains or battery) soft light 60 degree and 90 degree louvre - 3x1 panel with Snapbag with 2x diffusion and 40 degree snap grid.
Kino Flo Freestyle T24 with 90 louvre/grid, Bi Colour - full RGB 2x1 (Mains or battery) soft light, 4 24 inch tubes, 90 degree grid, 40 degree Snapgrid, Flosier, tubes can be operated out of the unit, eg in cars etc as individual tubes 
Kino Flo T42 two 4ft tubes connected to a Freestyle 21, with Snapgrids 40 degree - can be 50ft apart, operate as one light - Freestyle 21 ballast can be used with 24 inch tubes from T24, operates two tubes as one.
DoP Choice snapgrid for 24 inch Tubes x2
Lighting Control
Exalux Control One - wireless DMX control with Lumen Radio remotely controls Kinoflo or other lights with CRMX, I also have two Lumen Radio receivers that can be plugged into hired lights that support DMX.
Exalux CRMX Receiver with battery x3
DMX cables to daisy chain fixtures
1 Dedolight DLH400 400/575w HMI spot and flood light (mains only) - Suitable for creating sun through 1st floor window ideal for Lightstream/CRLS
1 Dedolight DLH200 200w HMI spot and flood light (mains only)
1 Dedolight DLED7 Turbo Bi Colour spot and flood light (Mains or battery)
3 Dedolight DLED4 Bi Colour spot and flood lights (Mains or battery)
2 Dedolight 1x1 LED Felloni Bi Colour panel lights (Mains or battery) 
Dedolight DP400 imager wth framing shutter for DLH400
Dedolight DP400 transparency projector adapter with cooling fan
Dedolight DP400 Gobo holder unit
Dedolight 60mm lens (wide angle) for Dp1.1 or DP2.1
Dedolight Imager DP1.1 - 85mm lens 
Dedolight Imager DP2.1 framing Shutters 85mm
Dedolight Gobos - various 
Dedolight DPEYE filter kit 
Dedolight clamp x2
Dedolight softbox DLED4/7/200 with grid 
Dedolight Felloni softbox with grid 
Dedolight Iris for DP400 - 18 blades
Dedolight Iris  for DP1.1
Dedolight Circular Polarisers x2
Dedolight scrim kit for all
Dedolight wide beam adapter (200HMI, DLED7 and DLED4)
Dedolight and Lightbridge CRLS  Lightstream cinematic reflector system
CRLS 100-100 - 1 metre square reflector 1 and 2, 3 and 4 the full monty
7x10 reflectors 1-4
15x15 reflectors 1-4
25x25 reflectors 1x2, 2, 3 and 4, 0 and 5 specials
50x50 reflectors 1-4
20x20 Eflect Kit - Silver, Gold and Blue
45x45 Eflect Kit - large, gold, silver, small mirror gold and silver
3 Parallel Beam Adaptors 230% increase and 300% increase in light. For HMI 575 - 500% increase
3 Honeycomb grids for PB - recommended
Dedolight Eflect filter kit
Mounts and adaptors x8
Two remotely controlled motors - 10m range, battery or mains powered for Reflectors or Eflect ideal for use through first floor window or on hair lights on interviews.
Interesting useful lighting options
Astera Titan Tubes x8 - in charging case with rigging kits eyelets, spigots and floor stands
Astera Helios Tubes x2
Astera Art 7 Wifi control box
DOP Choice 40 degree grid for Titan Tube x2
DOP Choice 40 degree grid for Helios Tube x2
Honeycrates grid for Helios tube x2
Ipad Pro for wireless control
8x Astera NYX 10W LED RGBW Bulbs, 4 bayonet, 4 screw - CRMX controlled
2x Astera Pixel Brick - RGBW, CRMX controlled
1 Lite Panels Lykos Bi Colour (Mains or battery) can be remotely controlled
Falcon Eyes
RX 818 flexible roll RGB panel 2x1 with softbox (waterproof) lightweight can be battery powered (V mount) with grid
Intellytech Mega LiteCloth - bi colour 3ft by 4.5ft lightweight 300w unit suitable for booming, or big source
Small RGBW Fixtures
2 Apeture MT 12 inch tubes with CRMX
3x Aputure MC - 9x6cm - magnetic - remote controllable RGBW and effects
4x Aputure MC - travel kit with charging case
2x Nanlite Pavotube 6C 25x4cm - magnetic tubes - RGBW with grids and remote
2x Aputure Accent B7c RGBW battery or mains bulbs for practicals - screw or bayonet - wireless remote control
Converter from lamp screw to Eddison screw
Converter from lamp screw to Eddison screw
Small rig Mini LED kit, daylight, with grids, snoots etc
V Mount lighting batteries - 90 to 150 wh
V Mount FX Lion kit with 6 batteries 95 wh and 4 gang charger
Sony NP Batteries
Kinoflo Block batteries
Kinoflo Battery charger
Profoto B1 batteries x 6
Profoto B2 batteries x2
V mount battery plate with 15mm, plus Dtap
V mount double battery to V mount adapter
V mount to Sony NPF adapter - allows V mount to run on NPF mount
Sekonic L748 D light meter
Sekonic C-800 colour meter
Digital Anemometer air flow meter
Faderlux variable ND gaffers polarised viewing glass
Vaxis, Teradek, Hollyland channel scanner
Laser pen for reflection analysis
Grip and support 
Kupo 3 section wind up stand 
Kupo stand extension
2x Kupo master cine k stand - with boom to 9ft
2x Kupo Low mighty stand
Muraro Low boy with junior pin
Kupo baby boom steel
2x 4.5 inch grip head - junior
Junior to 5/8th adaptor plug
C stands 40 inch x6
Matthews C stand 20 inch x3
Arri baby boom arm
4 Manfrotto 1004 BAC stands 
3 Dedolight mini stands 
4 Bowens light stands 
2 adjustable background cross bar for goal post or background
2 wheeled heavy duty floor stands - for lights or slider 
Car Mounts x2 80kg loading - for lightweight cameras needs additional grip like Magic Arms
Manfrotto suction cup with small arm
4 Scissor clips for suspended ceilings
2 Polecats/Autopoles, 1.5m, 4.5m and up to 3.6m
Manfrotto magic arm x2 
Manfrotto tripod foot for magic arm x2
Superclamps/Mafer/K clamps x8
Cardellinis x7
3x 4 inch super Visers
Matthews Extendellini
Mini viser clamp
2 Ezy Grip fingers
J hooks x4
Extension arm for Superclamps x3
Dedolight DH2 Mounting plate x2
Pipe Clamp Junior pin
Barrel pipe clamp junior pin
Big ben x2
Menace Arm Kit for scaffold pipe
Sand bags x5
Shot bags x18
Matthews Sound blanket x3
Apple Box kit full, half, quarter and pancake x3
Packs of 4 wooden wedges or hardwood shims
Androoki Magnets small kit
Florescent tube clips old style
Kinoflo grip for off fixture use - wires, arms, etc
25mm square frame ears
Tarpaulin 3x3m
Rubber trip mats medium
Rubber trip mats large
Tube grip with arm for knuckle
Croc Clips 25 off
Foam core clamp with knuckle stud
Duckbill clamp for foam core, Polyboard etc
4 Tennis balls to protect floors etc
Universal smart phone clamp - to keep it still
Rock N Roller Stealth Cart
Heavy duty safety cables x4 
Underwater tube cover Pavo 10C
Pony Spring Clamps
Poly Board Stands
Flags and textiles, crates and frames
Five (Road Rags) flags 60x90cm, nets, diffusion, bounce and black flag
2 Lolliops flats, 2 fingers net and black flag
6x6 ultra bounce, white/black
6x6 ultra bounce, white/black windy version
6x6 silent sail cloth
6x6 unbleached muslin
6x6 quarter silk white
6x6 double net
6x6 black out
6x6 Magic cloth Brokeh Santa Fe - specialist filter
6x6 magic cloth
6x6 50 degree grid
6x6 frame x2 - needs allen key
6x6 diffusion panel Scrimjim
8x8 frame needs allen key
8x8 ultra bounce
8x8 silent grid cloth
8x8 magic cloth
8x8 half soft frost
8x8 Honeycrates Honeycomb wraparound egg crate - can be used overhead 
3x3 Frost frame - 2 off
DOP Choice 3x3 Frost frame 40 degree grid 
3x3 quarter grid
3x3 half grid
3x3 full grid
3x3 magic cloth
3x3 unbleached muslin
12x8 black out
40x40 inch floppy cutter top hinge
2x 36x36 inch floppy cutter top hinge
2x3ft floppy cutter side hinge
2x3ft floppy cutter ultra bounce side hinge
3x3m camouflage netting as Gobo
12x12 frame with 3rd stop diffuser
12x12 single black net
Lastolite Skylite rapid panel 1.1mx1.1m .25 diffusion, .75 diffusion, plus sunblounce 
Profoto reflector black and white
5 in 1 circular reflector
Ground anchors x5
10m ropes/guys - with karabiner
10m Bolton by 6ft
Gels - 3x3 frost frame pre cut
Eighth CT Straw, quarter CT straw, half CT straw, Full CT straw, eigtht plus green, quarter plus green, half plus green, quarter CTB, Half CTB, CTB, Full CTO, Half CTO, urban sodium, hampshire frost, white diff 216, half white diff 250
4 Motorola walkie talkies 
5 Eartec duplex headsets
TV Logic LVM 181S 18 inch high quality set monitor in case with Junior pin, accepts SDI, HDMI, can accept Luts, Picture in Picture 
Manfrotto wheeled stand for monitor with junior receiver (available August 22)
Vaxis Cine 8 with intergrated RX for Vaxis Storm, 9 inch director's monitor
Wireless transmission for monitor and focus pulling
Vaxis Storm 3000 TX RX V mount - full integrated
Vaxis Storm 1000 RX requires 3000 to send data - ideal for focus pulling (Sony NP or Dtap)
Noga Arm 
Set transport
Adicam Standard plus Cart with 10 inch wheels
Support for monitor on the cart - junior receiver
Atmosphere in a can, per can
Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II - DMX controlled with fluid - note needs Exalux receiver to work
Distribution (Distro)
20m 16 amp IP44 extension x2
10m 16 amp IP44 extensoin x6
5m 16 amp IP44 extension x4
16 amp 3 way Y cord x4
16 amp to 4 gang 13 amp x2
13 amp 4 gang extension x3
16 amp to 13 amp jumper
13 amp four gang
13 amp dimmer x3
2x 20m 13 amp extension with four gang
2x 45m 13 amp extension with four gang
13 amp to 16 amp jumper
16 amp to Powercon 5m - for using lights outside
16 amp to Powercon 10m - for using lights outside
Playback / Streanubg
ATEM Mini Pro - switcher - needs screen, four HDMI inputs with audio
Elgato 4k Camlink (HDMI only)
21 inch screen for ATEM
Assorted cables to link to Cameras - HDMI, one short SDI
5g EE Router - WIFI or Ethernet
Hollyland Mars 400S One transmitter one receiver, SDI, HDMI, wireless kit only for playback has latency so cannot be used for focus
Flash - Studio Strobe or location
3x Profoto B1 with spare battery each
Profoto B2 with 2 heads
Profoto A1
Profoto magnum reflector
Profoto OCF magnum reflector
Profoto Gel Kit
Profoto 3ft Octa
Profoto 2ft Octa with grid
2x Profoto 2x1 with grid
Profoto OCF beauty dish
Profoto OCF Snoot
Profoto OCF Barn doors
Profoto OCF Grid Kit
Profoto TTL Canon trigger
Profoto air remote (Camera agnostic)
Pocket Wizard kit for long range working