Established lighting specialist and videographer to capture interviews, talking heads, vox pops, factory promotions, action and now even live streaming with multi cameras.

Working on location to high standards with professional industry standard equipment.

Full service offered including: concept, storyboard, planning, recce, shooting, sound recording, lighting and editing.

Editing includes the use of the innovative online approval and collaboration tools.

Working with a team of freelancers including voice over, animators, sound recordists, camera and lighting engineers.

James Rudd scales up when he needs to.



Equipment list for Video Production


Cinema Camera

Canon C100 MkII with c-log 

Canon EF lens mount


Canon 1dx Mkiii 5.5k raw, DCI 4k, 50p, 25p, UHD 4k, 50p, 25p, 1080p, 100fps

Canon 1dx Mkii with WFT E8, 25, 50fps 4k, 25, 50, 100fps 1080p

Canon 1dx with WFT E6, 25, 50 fps



Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 Cine Lens

Canon ZSG-C10 Remote Zoom Grip


EF Lenses


8-15 F4 Fisheye

16-35 F2.8 L

24-70 F2.8 II L

24-105 F4 II L

70-200 F2.8 II L

50 F1.2 L

100 F2.8 L Macro

300 F2.8 II L

1.4x Converter

2.0x Converter


On set viewing

Hollyland Mars 400 S - wireless system for remote monitoring, SDI, HDMI can output to two mobile phones too

4k Elgarto
Black Magic ATEM Mini Pro

21 inch mains monitor director/client viewing


Lee polariser

Lee soft grad .3, .6 and .9 ND

Lee hard grad .3, .6 and .9 ND

Lee glass 2, 6 and 10 ND


Video Capture - on site viewing

Atomos Ninja with 256gb SSD x2


DJI Osmo Action 4k camera

With plenty of grip, to attach to virtually anything



2 Dedolight 1x1 Felloni Bi Colour panel lights (Mains or battery)

1 Lite Panels Lykos Bi Colour (Mains or battery)

3 Dedolight DLED4 Bi Colour spot and flood lights (Mains or battery)

Dedolight Imager DP1.1 - 85mm lens and 60 mm lens

Dedolight Imager DP2.1 framing Shutters 85mm and 60mm lens

Dedolight Gobos - various

Dedolight DPEYE filter kit

Dedolight clamp

Dedolight softbox DLED4 with grid

Dedolight Felloni softbox with grid

Dedolight Iris

Dedolight and CRLS Light Stream reflector system

7x10 reflectors 1-4
15x15 reflectors 1-4
25x25 reflectors 1x2, 2, 3 and 4
20x20 Eflect Kit - Silver, Gold and Blue
2 Parallel Beam Adaptors 230% increase and 300% increase in light
2 Honeycomb grids
Mounts and adaptors

Kino Flo

Kino Flo Diva 21 Lite with grid - Bi Colour - full RGB 2x1 (Mains or battery) soft light 60 degree and 90 degree louvre

Kino Flo Diva 31 Lite with grid - Bi Colour - full RGB 3x1 (Mains or battery) soft light with 60 degree and 90 degree louvre


Rode NTG2 shot gun microphone

Rode wired Lavalier

Sennheiser AVX Wireless Lavalier ME2 and MKE2

Rode VideoMic Plus II

Rode Blimp and Boom arm

Tascam D70 field recorder

Assorted Rycote stickies


Grip and support

Manfrotto video monopod heavy duty

Manfrotto Video Tripod

Gitzo tripod (the very tall one)

Manfrotto repro arm

Manfrotto tripod

Rhino Slider 24 inch and 42 inch rails with motor and arc

Ronin S gimbal 

Manfrotto magic arm x2

Manfrotto feet for magic arm


Mafer clamps

Arri C stands x6

Arri menace arm

4 Manfrotto 1004 BAC stands

3 Dedolight mini stands

3 Bowens light stands

1 adjustable background cross bar

2 wheeled heavy duty floor stands - for lights or slider

Five flags 60x90cm, nets, diffusion

2 Lolliops flats, 2 fingers

6x6 diffusion panel

Lastolite Skylite rapid panel 1.1mx1.1m .25 diffusion, .75 diffusion, plus sunblounce

Lastolite Panoramic Background, black or chroma green 4mx2.3m

Lastolite Highlight 8x7ft

Lastolite Hightlight 5x7ft

Lastolite pop up  1.8x2.15m black or white

Lastolite pop up 6x7ft grey and white

Magnetic support for pop up backgrounds

Profoto reflector black and white


Apple box set

Tripod dolly

Posing stools

Autocue - runs off iPad - follows speed of voice

4 Motorola walkie talkies

Clapper board

Assorted clamps, tape, safety wires

Tether tools Aero table

Think Tank Sunscreen laptop shade

Walkstool 15in stool

24 inch turntable mains power takes 125kg

3x Matthews sound blankets

Table top Mic stand

3m and 5m XLR

Car Mounts x2 80kg loading

Manfrotto suction cup

Pocket Wizard radio triggers - 2x X, 2x 3, 1x 4 and Multimax II including foot pedal and detonator style activators

5g WIFI Router, battery/mains


6x V Mount

4x Canon Video batteries

5x Canon DSLR batteries

4x Atomos batteries

2x Kinoflo batteries